Several factors, such as the student’s citizenship, the destination country, the specific educational institution, and the course of study, might affect how simple it is to obtain a student visa.

For the most part, though, some countries have very simple procedures for granting student visas.

Seven nations are recognized for having comparativel simple procedures for granting student visas:


Students who are accepted into full-time degree programs at accredited universities in Sweden have an easier time applying for a visa than most other countries.

A universal post-study work permit program is provided by the county, and the visa application process is easy to understand and quick.

Dependents’ Qualifications

If you meet certain financial requirements, you can usually bring your spouse and kids to Sweden when you relocate with a student visa or permit.

In Sweden, you can usually include your spouse or kids in your bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral program.

However, there are certain financial conditions that must be met if you intend to bring a spouse.

Evidence of Funds

One of the most crucial things you must demonstrate when applying for a visa is that you have the funds necessary to maintain yourself while you are enrolled in classes. You must provide evidence of monthly income of SEK 8,694.

2. Germany

Germany’s tuition-free or low-cost educational system and relatively simple visa application process for students make it a popular choice for international students. The German visa application process is clear and efficient.

The embassy’s processing of your application can take up to six weeks.

Dependents’ Qualifications

The German family visa category, sometimes referred to as the “Visum zur Familienzusammenführung” or “Familiennachzug,” allows overseas students’ families to accompany them to Germany while they continue their education.

You may bring certain family members with you as an international student with a valid student visa or residence permit from Germany.

Evidence of Funds

You must demonstrate to the German Embassy that you make at least EUR 11,208 or NGN 19,339,750.58 annually in order to apply for a student visa.

Most of the time, you have to move the funds to a German bank and open a blocked bank account there.

Getting a scholarship is the second most popular strategy. In either case, you have to resolve your financial matters in Nigeria prior to requesting a visa.


France makes it simpler for students to apply for visas by offering a program called “Studying in France” that streamlines the application procedure.

The amount of applications and the season can affect how long it takes to process a Nigerian citizen’s visa to France.

Within a day, VisaHQ will provide you with a pre-check paperwork.

The document must then be turned in at the embassy. A valid visa may be issued by the embassy in 15 to 20 days.

Dependents’ Qualifications

While studying in France, you are allowed to bring your spouse and kids, albeit there are limitations. You must own sufficient finances and living quarters.

Evidence of Funds

Tuition for the first semester at your university and a minimum of 615 EUR for the first month must be deposited into your bank account. This has to do with health insurance that is accepted in France. The annual cost would be between 311 and 714 euros.


The Netherlands is renowned for its cutting-edge educational program and friendly disposition toward foreign students; applying for a visa is open and generally simple.

A study permit may be obtained in as little as four to six weeks, depending on the nation where you are applying.

Dependents’ Qualifications

One more nation on the list where you can study abroad with your spouse and family is the Netherlands.

If you have a Dutch student visa and have lived in the Netherlands for at least a year with your residence permit, you are allowed to travel with your spouse or registered partner as well as any children under the age of 18.

Proof of Funds

Proof that you will have at least 900 euros a month for the duration of your degree is required. Twice a year, the IND adjusts this minimum fund amount.

Evidence of English language competency: scores from tests like the TOEFL or IELTS.

5. New Zealand

For international pupils, especially those enrolled full-time at accredited universities, New Zealand provides a simple visa application procedure.

The culture of New Zealand is hospitable and its environment is breathtaking.

The expedited visa application procedure takes anywhere from 76 days to 6 months to process.

Dependents’ Qualifications

An international student in New Zealand may apply for and be granted a visa for their spouse and dependant children that corresponds to the length of the student visa held by their partner or parents.

Depending on the degree of the tertiary course of study, the type of visa granted—visitor, student, or work—varies.

Evidence of Funds

Evidence can include proof that you have NZD 20,000 per year of tertiary, English language, or other non-compulsory school study or $1,667 per month if your research will be shorter than one year.

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Denmark provides excellent education and is a pioneer in sustainability.

The nation is renowned for its social safety net, and the application process for visas is usually easy. The processing of your application usually takes 60 days or two months.

Thus, it’s essential to give yourself plenty of time to accommodate for this. However, depending on your country, processing periods may take longer.

Dependents’ Qualifications

International students can study abroad with wives and families thanks to a green card visa system that is managed by the Danish government in collaboration with immigration services and several departments.

To bring their family to Denmark, individuals need to apply for a Green Card Dependent Visa.

Evidence of Funds

You must have at least 6,000 DKK or, if you are enrolled in a course that requires payment of tuition, a minimum of 600 DKK each month in order to demonstrate that you have the money to study in Denmark.


Universities in Poland are well-known worldwide and provide an affordable study abroad option.

The nation has a reputation for affordability and safety, and obtaining a visa is a simple process.

After the application cost is paid, a decision about the issuance of a visa is made within 15 working days.

Dependents’ Qualifications

If your family members apply for a residence permit as an accompanying family member, they are able to travel to Poland with you.

Evidence of Funds

For an applicant who wants to study in Poland, they must have an average bank balance of 13,000 USD, without including the tuition fee, living expenses, and other costs.

Although the processes for obtaining a student visa are generally simpler in these countries than in others, specific situations may differ, so prospective students should find out about the particular requirements and procedures for the place they plan to study.

Furthermore, visa laws and procedures are subject to change, therefore for the most recent information, it is best to check with authorized immigration advisors or official sources.

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