There are remarkable, one-of-a-kind spots in the world, as those who have traversed the globe know. Discovering Pacaya Samiria National Park in the Peruvian Amazon means being in a setting unlike any other. Even people with extensive travel experience will be impressed by this place.

The jungle in this area of the Amazon paradise is still mostly unexplored, has a self-contained environment, and is surprisingly beautiful. Local towns that rely on tourism can be found in the humid rainforest. Visitors can fish for piranhas in canoes or be mesmerized by the renowned La Cocha El Dorado lake

Onboard Aqua Expeditions, an elite luxury cruise ship, everything is experienced gradually. A charming and unique choice for navigating the nature reserve with as much comfort and as little disturbance to the rainforest as is humanly possible.

The experience is just as fascinating as the spectrum of hues created by the colors of Amazonian birds in the sky.

For those who have seen the entire world but are still seeking something new, this journey is ideal. Are you curious?

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