Astronomy curious will love this travel idea: meet Jalapan in a time filled with meteor showers. In addition to loving the history of the golden grass region, the stars will also book special moments in the skies.

Have you ever imagined encountering renowned boils, waterfalls, and odd geological structures while still considering the vastness of the universe under a sky brightly lit by a meteor shower?

Perseidas, a piece of the Swift-Tuttle comet that can be observed till August 24, is one of the meteors that can be seen over the coming days.

In addition, several other periods of meteor showers will put on a show in the clear sky of Tocantins. In October, the Draconids and Orionids meteors present travelers with the most spectacular lights in the sky.

Getting to know the Jalapan region is already a gift for the daytime scenery nature delivers, but at night we ensure that the experience can be even more remarkable.

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