It’s the perfect route to experience vibrant Istanbul, fall in love with the authentic landscapes of Cappadocia, feel the energy of Central Anatolia in Konya, relax in the thermal pools of Pamukkale’s cotton castle and of course enjoy the Greek islands and all of the preserved Greek Empire period culture in the ancient times.

The journey begins in Turkey, the destination that will be crossed offers unique charms. When visiting Cappadocia, the tip is to ask the guide for the optional balloon ride to see the sunrise in the magic city from above. It’s another angle of what’s more special.

Today’s revelation of an underground metropolis from heaven to earth reveals what was once a haven for Christians fleeing conflict. It is amazing to think that a civilization might have survived several layers below the surface of the planet.

Swimwear has already practically become a must for the most essential Greek Islands itineraries. For magnificent images in the turquoise blue sea typical of the Aegean Sea-bathed destination, Patmos, Heraklion, Rhodes, and of course Santorini are on a breathtaking map.

Every Greek nook and cranny is filled with history. We find the renowned underground labyrinth that would have held the Minotaur in the Palace of Knossos archeological site. Athens is a charming site to highlight the contrast between cosmopolitan life in a capital that witnessed important events in ancient history.

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