Adriano Gambarini, a geologist and photographer, takes us on a trip through the Pantanal through a collection of recollections and images.

Our base will be at Caiman Farm, a unique location for viewing natural ecosystems, landscapes, and a variety of creatures that are truly swampy in nature. Travelers may even see the thrilling flutter of the blue-straw, an endangered and farm-protected bird, as they gaze up at the clear sky.

Every day is packed with outdoor activities and is extremely busy. Bush hikes to get up close and personal with the flora, tranquil lakes for canoeing while surrounded by several fascinating species, and of course lectures with our specialist so everyone can learn a lot about this amazing ecosystem.

Also, you may go closer to it with the help of our unique excursions with knowledgeable guides. Hopefully, we can locate the animal sanctuary so that the full impact of America’s largest feline is felt.

Pantanal is open for an incredible family adventure, between friends, two or in your own company. Anyway, there’s a surprise in store for you.

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