Those who travel frequently are well aware of the desire to change the world, particularly through sustainable travel that make a difference in that destination.

This idea was the inspiration behind the creation of ‘Pavilions Himalayas.’ Douglas fell in love with the people when visiting Nepal. the area’s culture, scenery, and vibe. He made the decision to dedicate his life to The Pavilions at that point, and he has been working on it for 27 years.

Douglas left his native England in order to devote his life to Nepal, construct his non-profit organization, his hotels, and train young villagers to make their lives more apparent even in far-off places. He also believed in the power of tourism to change the world.

Obviously, to develop empathy throughout the entire narrative. Next to it is sustainability. The organic garden of the hotel, which uses neither pesticides nor chemicals, is a refuge in the middle of Pokhara’s natural beauty. Additionally, the entire building was constructed responsibly and is incredibly pleasant.

Excellent service is provided. Every minute detail that makes you feel at home reflects the friendliness of the people of Nepal. Your journey could have a profound impact on a whole society. With Danza Travels, you may organize your upcoming cultural transition.

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