The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.

Travelers who love nature can explore a reserve that spans more than 11,000 hectares and is in excellent condition. At Cristalino Lodge, sustainability is seriously considered.

The journey to the upper Amazon is a deep dive into the most authentic forest, whether it’s through solar energy, recycling, relying on organic food to prepare amazing dishes, or the difficult job of conserving the local community and its environs.

Because of its exceptional location, the river doesn’t flood the forest like it would elsewhere, allowing everyone to enjoy nature all year long. Getting a glimpse of the local biodiversity while watching nature.

It is a place that is delightful because of how unaltered the forest is and how well the good construction has been able to blend in with the environment with the least amount of disruption. It is essential to take a yoga, meditation, or body massage class in the mornings before putting on your shoes and exploring the outdoors.

The vitality of the forest is what enchants and vibrates the heart, drawing attention to the forest’s overall ambiance. Luiz and Leonor, two of our travels, appreciated the spirit as well as the sustainability. “The trip to Cristalino was a singular experience that I strongly suggest to anyone with a sense of adventure. It demonstrates how you may have fun, coexist, and provide for yourself without disrespecting nature. We felt like we had not seen everything when we left, so we decided to come back sometime.

It’s a journey for people who want to live without being hurried. Are you curious?

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