The Paraguay and Cuiabá rivers meander through areas of protected swamplands that are unique to Brazil. That’s the reason we found the painted ostrich in its native environment. She’s either hunting, napping in trees, or observing our expedition with interest.

This itinerary takes us on a special, short-term cruise through the waters to see scenes of unspoiled nature for those who wish to see them. The TAIMAN Ecological Reserve, the State Water Park, the Pantanal National Park, and Transwind Park Road will all be traversed. The purpose of choosing these trails is to guarantee that the group will see a variety of wildlife, including enormous kingfishers and numerous birds that inhabit the largest wildlife sanctuary in South America.

Our expedition leaves in search of the Painted Owl in the Pantanal on two special dates in August. For those who prefer private tours, please check availability with our team.

Plan your trip in advance and have a unique experience stamping your 2024 moments.

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