Everywhere in Namibia, visitors are faced with the choice of taking in the breath-blowing beauty and witnessing wildlife roaming freely just meters away. One of the best places to go on a safari is Etosha National Park, which focuses on conservation and is a safe refuge where animals can wander without restriction.

A bunker or refuge that allows for wildlife observation from a new aspect without the animals noticing their presence makes the experience much more exciting when staying at Onguma Safari Camps. For those who enjoy taking wildlife photos, a dream come true.

The Damaraland region is located between the Ugab and Huab rivers, and is particularly popular with tourists looking to explore unspoiled natural landscapes. A quiet luxury refuge in perfect harmony with the desert scenery, Mowaini Mountain Camp is a great place to stay while experiencing the desert.

Private tours offered by the lodge include geological formation hikes, trips to the Twyfelfontein archaeological site, and of course, additional safaris. People who speak Damara, the fascinating language of slaps, are also native to the area, providing opportunities for interaction with local culture.

The Himbas, descended from herero shepherds and regarded as one of Africa’s last semi-nomadic peoples, reside in northwest Namibia. The reddish tone of the skin and hair is a characteristic unique to this group. The Himba people have intriguing rituals and a rich history. They continue to live according to their ancient ways despite dangers, drought, and modernization.

When our traveler Edith Uchendu arrived at the location with our complete evaluation, she was impressed. “The itinerary is very thorough and well laid out, all the lodges and meals were great.” The outstanding guide knew Portuguese, Spanish, and English, was amiable and helpful, and was well-versed on the history of his nation. An amazing journey with unfathomable cultural and geographical richness was described by our itinerary, which values the little things to ensure a trouble-free travel experience.

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