We adore the diversity and capacity for surprise that the planet possesses the most. Get a taste of exclusivity with fantastic individuals in a small group and a Portuguese-speaking guide on our unique tour to Israel and Jordan.

In Tel Aviv, doors to the new are starting to open. It is impossible to avoid enjoying a traditional humus in this era of global and Middle Eastern gastronomic fusion.

After experiencing many joys, the cable car is waiting to transport our visitors to underwater caves with genuine natural formations. At a wine tasting in Israeli Tuscany, in Galilee, the encounter with nature continues.

The historical component of the journey is already getting traction in Nazare. Both the Carpintaria de José and the Brasilia da Anunciaço must be visited. However, you can only get a full picture of the city and its surrounds from Monte do Precipicio.

On the Way of Dolorosa and at the Wailing Wall, Jerusalem manifests its full force. From here, we traveled to Mount Zion, which the Bible refers to as the Promised Land.

We made a halt at a five-star hotel to unwind, where we had a wonderful experience with the Dead Sea’s therapeutic llamas and saltwater.

Petra in Jordan, the former Nabatean capital since the third century BC, demonstrates how old structures can endure the test of time and leave a cultural heritage. Petra is entirely carved out of pink sandstone.

There are options and pathways everywhere. Are you curious? Speak with one of our amazing travel consultants to learn more information about this itinerary that will surprise you.


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