Over 11 volcanoes are still active. Ecuador is a small country with amazing geographical dimensions, somewhat larger than the state of São Paulo.

There, the variety of scenery is so immense that picking just one area of the nation to visit is challenging. Quito, the capital city, is a great place to start because of its charming colonial architecture, small streets, and peaceful squares that are perfect for leisurely strolls.

However, there are natural distinctions even in Ecuadorian urban life. The Avenue of Volcanoes, which spans more than 350 km and offers views of many volcanoes, is a naturally occurring corridor in the Andes.

Discover everything that Ecuador’s cultural capital has to offer by visiting Cuenca. restaurants, parks, galleries, and eighteenth-century structures. Put on comfortable shoes and explore every angle.

Furthermore, discussing Ecuador would be incomplete without bringing up the iconic Galápagos Islands. This region of the world is essentially unspoiled by human activity due to the three islands’ preservation of the natural environment.

Amazing locations for snorkeling include Tortuga Bay, a beach that was formerly regarded as the most beautiful in the world, the bullet of Cerro Tijeretas, and the enormous turtles of the Galapaguera. In the Galapagos, everything that comes into contact with nature is unique. Just one. Magic.

Another amazing experience is taking advantage of the Ecuadorian weather in style while staying in the understated grandeur of Mashpi Lodge. Encircled by the Choco forest, the resort provides pathways leading to waterfalls where we encounter stunning untamed creatures.

Culture, beautiful scenery, and an abundance of unspoiled wildlife.

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