Our director, Glory Kalu explored Tunisia extensively in order to learn more about this interesting nation. For a journey you won’t forget, relying on the advice of individuals who have been through the country is essential.

“It’s a destination that surprises. It is very different from other Arab countries, one of the most liberal, which offers great experiences to travelers,” she says, always with a keen look at the culture, history and nature of the destination.

Symbols of all the influences present in the Arabic-speaking nation, as well as French, which is still a significant culture in Tunisia (try the croissants! ), are present in the nation that gave rise to the Arab Spring uprisings.

“The Tunisian capital shows its beauty with unique attractions, shelters the National Museum of Barde, one of the rulers of Roman mosaics and pieces from ancient Greece. It’s one of those places where you just say wow, it’s very beautiful,” she said after visiting the museum.

Looking for a great place to shoot pictures? A must-see is the stop in Sidi Bou Said, a charming town with white walls, blue doors, and windows.

The tasting of olive oils created in Nabeul, with olative and sensory sampling in a delightful typical house, is another unique experience that can be had in Hamamet, a fishing village with welcoming bars by the sea.

The enormous mosque in Kairouan also meticulously chronicles Tunisia’s history. Arabs, marble columns, and historical inscriptions from several civilizations can still be found today.

Like the third-century El Djem Amphitheatre, one of the best-preserved structures in the world. The historical portion of the excursion is rich in information, from the Carthaginian ruins to the Bulla Regia archaeological site.

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