The key components of a trip to Cuba are bright, sunny days and vintage cars with vibrant prints. You’ll be surprised by the range of the country’s historical, cultural, and landscape features.

Havana, the nation’s capital, is so distinctive that it was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1982. Since that time, the ancient city center has retained its allure because to its lanes, squares, and many colorful Cuban corners.

Details in our unique itinerary add to the journey’s richness and create special memories. Our guests sip on a traditional cocktail on the terrace of the grand Loft Havana while taking in the beauty of Havana Bay.

The beautiful trip assures that all of Havana is unlocked in style while traveling in vintage vehicles. The clever choice to make a strategic pit stop at one of the best palettes, which are popular and well-known eateries, demonstrates the potency of fusing European and Cuban food.

Traveling into the Cuban countryside, we found a city frozen in time. Trinidad has unmissable charm that makes your visit a must. Historic buildings, narrow and cobblestone streets and heavenly beaches.

We have all the details programmed, just missing you. Embark on this journey with Danza Travels & Tours.


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