Japan’s culture is well-known. Visiting Japan is usually a delightful experience with new surprises to be unveiled, whether in terms of cultural works, amazing culinary, or expressing civility among locals.

One of our customized scripts allowed our CEO, Gloria, to obtain three stamps for her passport: one each from Thailand, Vietnam, and Japan. However, the peacefulness and flower-filled gardens in that region were what really made your eyes sparkle.

“Japan was a very pleasant surprise, and as a prize we still had a spectacular view of Mt. Fuji, which was a gift, given that he was discovered for very little time as it was,” tells about her experience.

Japan is also like that. There are some places that you can’t even put on your bucket list, but once you visit them, you can’t help but fall in love. Gloria highlighted Mount Fuji, which is venerated throughout the nation and entices any traveler with its size and impossibility.

Located around 100 kilometers southwest of Tokyo, Mt. Fuji is an active volcano in Japan. Its 3,776-meter summit, also known as “Fuji-san,” is the highest point in the nation. It’s been a destination for pilgrims for generations, and summit hikes are still a common activity on one of Japan’s three sacred mountains. Numerous pieces of art, most notably prints from the Edo Period by Hokusai and Hiroshige, are inspired by its unique profile.

Japanese territory is more than just an exotic vacation to the other side of the globe; it is a prime example of how tradition and modernity can coexist without ignoring origins and always place value on the nation’s people and legacy.

The vacation was fantastic, and Southeast Asia pleasantly surprised me, says Gloria. Embark yourself to a land of surprises and build good memories in one of the world’s most original destinations.

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