Maldives known for their clear turquoise waters, luxurious over water bungalows, and long-stretched beaches, the Maldives are loved by many as it is the perfect vacation destination. Whether you like to snorkel, lay on the beach, or simply enjoy the sun these islands have it all.

Breakfast on the beach in the Maldives
Beautiful sunset on the beach in the Maldives
Beach villa in the Maldives

Maldivians have historically relied on the seas for their livelihood, with fishing serving as the primary food source. Even though fishing continues to be a major source of jobs and revenue, tourism currently makes up the majority of the Maldives’ economy.

The most beautiful pool in Maldives
The most beautiful sandbank in the world

The Maldives has a warm and humid tropical climate, all year round and is influenced by two dominating monsoons.

The fact that the Maldives is located at the equator, Maldives receives plentiful of sunshine throughout the year. The temperatures of Maldives ranges between 25° Celsius and 32° Celsius throughout the year.

The dry season (northeast monsoon) runs from December to April. While the rainy season (southeast monsoon) runs from late May to November.

Diving in the Maldives hits different
How is this place even real

Living the island life in the Maldives, and making memories in the sun-kissed Maldives.

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