Whoever travels on a safari just once wants to do it again with their loved ones. This makes going to the Shamwari Reserve such a unique experience.

The place is a great haven to find the Big 5 and take the kids, with a welcoming environment that accepts children from age 4 on photo safaris. It’s perfect for the little ones to have family fun.

The natural reserve’s location makes it a more practical pit break for visitors going along the Garden Route and to Cape Town, two other locations that offer the ideal amount of adventure for parents and kids.

Children benefit much from travel and encounters with wildlife up close. They’ll be able to physically cross out every animal on the lists they learn in school with a pair of binoculars or a camera in hand. The cultural and educational impact of such an encounter in childhood is immeasurable.

Shamwari still invites the little ones to explore the animal breeding and rehabilitation centre, putting them directly in touch with the importance of caring for and preserving nature.

Everyone follows their destiny in a unique manner. Danza creates the right schedule, selects the best lodge for your family, and transforms ordinary moments into unforgettable experiences for your kids.

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