Putting together a route through Greece is akin to assembling a puzzle that merely leads to uncertainty. It’s hard not to want to explore every island in this European paradise, which emphasizes the need of expert travel advice for the greatest possible trip.

One of our specialties is creating itineraries that include the most off-the-beaten-path islands.

We have a team with firsthand knowledge of both traditional islands, like Milos, Athens, Mykonos, and Santorini, as well as those that are off the typical route, like the unique Ionian Islands.

Crete has a special feel due to the different shades of blue on Elafosini beach, one of the most special when visiting the region. As mesmerizing as the blue of the beach, the airborne rocks formed by Meteora’s sandstone cliffs bear witness to more than 30 million years of nature sculpted by sea level.

It is in these enormous cliffs that history is also rooted in the religiosity present in the monasteries, all of which offer an incredible view for contemplation.

Their proximity to heaven meant that these monasteries were seen by monks as the best place for meditation.

Discover all the facets of Greece that you’ve never seen with the itinerary created by our team of experts.

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