We know that expeditions with the aim of finding wild animals in their natural habitat are always a box of surprises. It may take a while, it may not happen, it may be that many appear at once.

Expeditions to encounter the jaguar are always intense.

Our Danza traveler Kennedy had the opportunity to be in Serra do Amolar, a very preserved region of the Pantanal, and was able to observe the jaguars at their peak with the support of our local guides, who are always dedicated and focused on making this meeting happens with the queen of nature.

“There she was, imposing, beautiful, majestic, walking along the river bank, a difficult terrain that she navigated with total dexterity, easily crossing obstacles and swimming with agility,” he says about his encounter with the jaguar in the Pantanal.

Kennedy remembers that during the trip every place was the target of attention in the search for the jaguar, which could be hunting or swimming in the river during the day, or leaving the forest at night since its habit is more nocturnal.

In addition to contemplating the gigantic feline, the binoculars also view other surprising animals in nature, such as intensely colored birds and alligators. The entire visual impact of Serra do Amolar is also incredible. It is a meeting of biomes between Brazil and Bolivia with abundant nature and remote pieces of forest resilience.

Do you want to experience this emotion of meeting a feline like Kennedy?

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