Mendoza is a city in the Cuyo region of Argentina and the country’s wine capital, known for its Malbecs and other red wines. Its numerous bodegas (wineries) provide tours and tastings. Wide, leafy lanes surrounded with modern and art deco buildings may be found throughout the city, as can smaller plazas encircling Plaza Independencia, which is home to the underground Museo Municipal de Arte Moderno that exhibits modern and contemporary art.

The dry touch of a good wine between the cup and its palate gains an air of exclusivity when the drink is tasted in the Vale de Uco. In this wine region of Mendoza, Argentina, travelers feel on their skin what it is like to live wine in a cozy atmosphere.

At the foot of the Andes Range, you can enjoy outdoor walks, high gastronomy dishes served in a picnic style and, of course, the good Argentinian wines manufactured there.

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