Historically, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan are countries linked by a landmark moment in human history: the Silk Road.

With broad influence on the exchange of cultures, goods and ideas between Europe and the East, the countries represent a history of important riches for understanding the society we have today.

You will fall in love with the unique architecture in the fascinating region.

Striking for the imagination, the Silk Road is a treasure in the form of historical images: merchants laden with cargo walking through the desert, the aroma of spices, silks so sensitive and precious, bazaars full of life and colorful mosques, always inviting for a moment of faith.

Our itinerary has authentic moments of integration with the habits of those who live in the region. Being very close to the yurt, the nomads’ type of shelter, learning about silk production in detail, falling in love with the continent’s canyons or enjoying a surprising dinner at the home of a family of potters.

Our whole route is bordered by a tranquil oasis made up of both ancient and contemporary landscapes. More than two millennia of knowledge combined with modern knowledge will pique your interest to the fullest.

Is there any chance you could prolong your trip? It is worthwhile to extend to Turkmenistan. The Gate of Hell, a massive crater that has been burning for fifty years, is accessible there.

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