If Bariloche reminds you of a town covered in snow, you might want to reconsider your summer travel plans. The stroll through the gardens is different from the apparent vegetation because of the longer days, blue skies, and cool nights. It’s the ideal way to get to know Bariloche in a more leisurely manner.

What about a boat ride, rafting, kayaking, hiking, or SUP on Lake Moreno? A stay at the IIaollao Hotel elevates your summer vacation to a whole new level. The hotel, which bears the Leading Hotels of The World designation, is well situated for guests wishing to take advantage of the Bariloche summer.

The building was intended to provide visitors with breathtaking views of the Moreno and Nahuel Huapi lakes, situated atop a hill inside Nahuel Huapi National Park. There is breathtaking scenery all around the hotel, including the view of Lake Moreno.

The hotel offers the perfect family atmosphere from the inside, making your stay and relaxation enjoyable. The friendliness of the Argentine people, the most temperate climate, and the wide range of activities available are an invitation to visit Bariloche during a unique period.

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