Many times, travelers use Skyscanner, Google Flights,, Kayak, or CheapOair to look for affordable international flight tickets from Nigeria. What if I told you, though, that there are alternative ways to reserve inexpensive flights from Nigeria to other countries—at prices even lower than those you’ll discover on these websites? Do you think this would be interesting? Continue reading if you plan to be.

How to find cheap international flights in Nigeria

1. Plan well in advance of your trip

This is the best trick there is for obtaining airline tickets at the lowest possible price, guaranteed. Plan your trip several months in advance to secure the best deal on a plane ticket.

By doing SO, you’ll save a ton of money.

2. Make use of online ticket comparison tools like Skyscanner

Relax, and read through.

Websites that compare fares, such as Skyscanner, are designed to let you know which airlines are providing the best deals so you can concentrate your future research on those carriers. You shouldn’t limit your search for affordable airline tickets to Skyscanner or any other pricing comparison website.

The next step is to go to those airlines’ websites and do additional comparison shopping after identifying which airlines are offering the best deals. However, prior to doing so.

3. Use the incognito mode on your browser or clear the cookies history

It is common for ticket pricing to be tailored to the frequency of searches. Should you frequently look for ticket costs, particularly for the same trip, the costs they display to you will be exorbitant. You can view the lowest ticket rates the airline is offering if you erase the cookies on your browser or search in private mode. This will remove any records of your past searches.

4. Enroll in fare notifications

There are occasions when ticket costs decrease. To be informed of price changes for the trip route you are interested in, you can register to receive price notifications.

5. Take into account the airport you plan to visit

Although you may select to arrive at more than one airport in some countries, the cost of your ticket could not be the same at each one. Take the scenario where you are traveling by plane from Lagos to the UK. It is more expensive to fly from Lagos to Gatwick (London) than it is to fly from Heathrow (London).

If you choose a different airport to arrive at, you might be able to get less expensive airline tickets to the same nation.

6. Keep an eye out for last-minute bargains

To be honest, there’s no assurance that this hack will work, but you never know.

Deals at the last minute are typically offered a week or two before the travel date. A few days prior to departure, if an airline finds that there are still unfilled tickets, it could attempt to fill those seats by lowering ticket costs in order to avoid incurring a loss.

This is often accessible in the off-peak travel seasons and/or months.

If a customer cancels their reservation a few days or hours before the departure date, you can also be able to purchase your ticket for a very low price. The airline might resell the ticket for less money if this occurs.

7. Inaccurate airfare and airline pricing errors

An airline or a third-party booking platform may advertise ticket prices incorrectly or with a technical issue that results in far lower ticket prices than they should be.

If you are fortunate enough to find a mistake airfare—which doesn’t happen very often—book your ticket right away because the airline will fix the error as soon as it is discovered. Enrolling in fare alerts will enable you to detect errors in airfares right away.

Booking straight via the airline’s website rather than through a booking platform is preferable in situations where there are mistake fares. You can’t be certain that a booking platform error didn’t occur if you made your reservation using it.

However, I won’t advise you to feel 100% relaxed after snagging a mistake fare ticket because the airline can cancel your booking. More often than not, they won’t.

But about 10-15% of the time, airlines cancel such bookings.

8. Compile travel points

Each time you take a flight with an airline, you can accrue miles or travel points. You can utilize the miles you accrue to earn a free ticket or a discount on your subsequent travel!

Become a member of the airline you fly with the most often to accrue travel points. You’ll receive a membership number after doing so. Refer to your membership number each time you make a flight reservation.

By applying for credit cards, loyalty programs, referrals, and other programs, you can accrue travel points and miles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When are the cheapest flights available?

Late at night or early in the morning.

Does Nigeria have a direct flight to the UK?

Indeed, there are planes that go directly from Nigeria to the UK. However, their average cost is higher than that of flights with stops.

On which day are tickets for international flights the cheapest?

Midweek—particularly on Wednesdays and Thursdays, when few people travel.

Which airlines offer flights between Nigeria and the UK?

Airlines: Ethiopian Airlines, Egypt Air, Air France, Turkish Airlines, Finnair, Delta, Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, Qatar Airways, KLM. When I went from Nigeria to the UK, I flew with Qatar Airways, and I had a positive experience. I highly recommended.

In summary

When making travel plans from Nigeria, or anyplace else in the globe, it’s important to keep in mind that there are peak and off-peak travel seasons. Your flight tickets will cost more if you purchase them during periods of high travel demand, and vice versa.

Therefore, making reservations well in advance for off-peak travel is the greatest and most reliable approach to find inexpensive international flights from Nigeria.

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