2024 has commenced. It is now necessary to create a plan and implement all of your objectives. In order to accompany you on this journey, we’ve already got a great itinerary suggested for you to follow: take in the colorful culture of India and the Holi Festival while being guided by a Spanish-speaking guide.

Join us to learn about this historically significant Hindu holiday. The oldest religion in India offers us a happy, entertaining, and vibrant feast! The festival of Holi, which is centered around a Hindu myth, is a celebration of music, dance, and unity. Everyone is having a great time at this moment and trying to spread positive vibes.

Vibrant street posts are everywhere; every hue has a distinct meaning and energy. It’s a way to wish good things to everyone and celebrate spring. The feeling is consistent throughout the entire journey.

Additionally, some of India’s most well-known scenarios are covered in our script. Let’s meet lavish forts in Old Delhi that stand for a dependable and well-established past. The most romantic travel destination is Udaipur, with its lakes’ sliver of water set against a backdrop of marble palaces and vibrant gardens.

Built in the 17th century, the iconic Taj Mahal has stood as a testament to love and devotion for us all. This is a place where reflection and pause are necessary to truly experience India’s grandeur.

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