More than 500 stunning islands. Thailand is a country with many opportunities, but in order to enjoy these wonders to their fullest, a tourist must first understand the country and what to expect from it.

With professionals who have visited the area several times and are familiar with the hotels and islands, Danza has years of experience in the travel consulting industry and knows how to hand-pick the best solutions for our clients.

A luxurious hotel in one of Thailand’s most picturesque locations, Six Senses, is undoubtedly one of the best options we offer to our visitors.

Because of the location, visitors can experience both solitude and peace in a piece of paradise and have the option of taking tours to the southern islands. But with so many alternatives for itineraries and exclusive, private time, the hotel becomes even more alluring.

The infinity edge pool at Hilltop Reserve, which is located adjacent to the hotel restaurant, adds to the appeal of the vista, which is abounding with rich flora and gorgeous beaches with blue and green colours to lose sight of. We promise that it is among the world’s most exquisite hotel pools.

A dedication to sustainability and social responsibility consistently distinguishes all of our local, reliable suppliers. It would be the same at Six Senses, one of the finest hotel brands in the world. Cloth napkins are used, the hotel’s construction is environmentally friendly, and plastic is absent from the water, which is served in glass bottles.

There are good trips, but there are those made with Danza.

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