One of the most incredible things about environmental responsibility travel is the positive impact your visit can make on an entire ecosystem and society. On the journey to meet the mountain gorillas in Rwanda and Uganda, sustainable tourism has turned into an alternative to keep the species alive and conserve them, thanks to observation.

You must put on a pair of walking boots and rise early in order to reach the gorillas. Trekking is ideal for people who appreciate the journey because it is a unique experience that makes every step memorable.

The largest gorillas may be found in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park, while Bwindi Park in Uganda is home to at least 500 gorillas, or almost half of the remaining population.

It is amazing how much time was spent up close watching gorillas in their natural environment. We may be connected to our families, understand how the species survives, and always treat others with respect. How seriously the policies for the protection of the species are taken is made abundantly obvious during the tour.

Far from the mountains, it is the natives of the countries that always welcome us with a beautiful smile on their faces and a priceless joy. One of the strengths of the trip is this receptivity and affection towards travelers.

It’s also worthwhile to combine the vacation with a visit to Tanzania or South Africa, two fantastic locations on the African continent.

Embark on this special trip next to someone who has experienced it and knows how to plan the minimal details perfectly.

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