Do you have a certain journey that you must take at least once in your lifetime? On of them is Iran. It will be a rich experience getting to know this country’s areas with the help of our Portuguese-speaking guide.

Today’s Iran is located on the land that was once ancient Persia, one of the largest empires in all of antiquity. The nation is home to breath-taking tales, monuments, palaces, gardens, and mosques, all of which are really relevant.

These positive aspects of Iran are what make the trip so unique. We already have a taste of what it’s like to live and breathe art in Shiraz, the center of Persian literature, and we are aware of the particular openness of the Iranian people.

Nasir ol Molk Mosque’s impressive architecture, stained glass, and numerous colors between the tiles highlight some of its creative diversity. It serves as an illustration of how enthusiasm for art endures through the ages.

Even though Alexandre Magno’s conquest destroyed the ancient city of Persepolis, its architecture still survive and leave an impressive impression. Ancient history is imprinted on the present by the curled hair of eagle-headed men, the preservation of gods, and numerous lions and bulls.

Still speaking of the past, visiting the Towers of Silence is similar to seeing a portion of the zoroastria, an Iranian religion that forbade the burial or cremation of deceased in order to prevent soil contamination. In order to protect nature, the remains were thus placed on these structures.

There is nothing short of flawless symmetry in Naqsh-e-Jahan Square; everything has been millimeter-perfectly planned. With one exception: the Shah Mosque, which is located in Mecca. This bustling area is only one illustration of how important every little thing is to these people.

Have you just realized how astonishing the cultural contrasts in Iran are?

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