Enchanted, peaceful, kind, nature, serenity all come to mind as I explore Bhutan.

The enchanting Kingdom of Bhutan is an earthly nirvana filled with natural beauty and Buddhist tradition.

Sixsensesbuthan unquestionably adds to the thrill of the journey in the land of happiness.

They are a network of five lodges with comfort and elegance as their defining characteristics. They include the entire tiny nation and create the impression of a journey around Bhutan, enabling visitors to stay at each choice and see what each region has to offer.

Bhutan is unique in every way, therefore it’s fascinating that a hotel brand as great as Six Senses has taken care to provide visitors with the fusion of all the beauty. so that no information is missed.

The architecture in Thimphu highlights all the culture that may be observed during visits to the area’s monasteries and palaces.

Already in Punakha, the rural farming climate prevails in an area rich in agriculture. The continuous lines of architecture of the Gangtey lodge are the representation of peace that the place exudes.

Bumthang makes the feeling of being inside the forest most striking, indeed transforming, always with experiences marked by cultural religiosity.

Finishing the whole journey through Bhutan in the city of Paro is to confirm that the destination is unique, for its ancient rock ruins, the visit to the unmissable Tiger’s Nest, welcoming population and a lot of beautiful things to count that you saw there.

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