The nation of the fabled Rio Nilo has an immeasurable historical legacy. Along with a tiny Brazilian guide, we will also learn about the specifics of the ancient Egyptian society in October.

Ancient marvels can be observed in person in structures that have weathered the test of time or in details preserved in the Egyptian Museum. When discussing an open-air museum like Egypt, every acquisition is unexpected.

The more than 4,500-year-old pyramids of Queops, Quefren, and Myquerines, as well as the Bazar Khan el Khalili market, which has witnessed various facets of Egyptian civilization since 1382, are two examples of the reinforcements that time has left behind.

If before the ancestors took the boat for fishing. today we sail aboard the luxurious cruise ship along the Nile River, enjoying the attractions with strategic landings, always optimizing travel time with the structure of the ship.

Any of the stands? The iconic Valley of Kings and Valley of Queens, with various pharaohs embellished and honored in beautiful wall carvings, the temple of Karnak and Luxor and the landmark archaeological site of Abu Simbel.

We advise taking the optional balloon flight to observe the sunrise between the Nile River and the West Bank to give your trip a little more positive energy. It is breath-taking and cloud-like.

Time to enjoy the immensity of the blue sea known as Red after learning so much historical information. During our visit to Sharm El Sheikh’s all-inclusive resort, snorkeling is highly recommended due to the water’s clarity and abundance of wildlife.

Secure your spot and don’t miss this opportunity to meet the charms of the ancient world with a guide.

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