How about a safari across Nepal? Asia is home to Chitwan National Park, which was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1984 and has since served as a shelter for biodiversity.

Chitwan, one of Asia’s best-preserved parks, is unique simply because of its setting: encircled by imposing mountains, mountains covered in snow, and temperatures below zero, the park is a paradise full of vibrant vegetation and wildlife. Not even the phrase “heart of the jungle” is meaningless.

What do you see outside, though? Photo safaris are popular and attract tourists with keen eyes. Elephants, rhinos, crocodiles, and who knows what other species can be seen include tigers.

Chitwan’s outstanding environmental protection efforts helped it become even more well-known. Observing how they work with the surrounding creatures and environment is quite moving.

The variety of birds provides the soundtrack in the air. The bird observation spots are a must-see if you want to enjoy this symphony.

But there is a specific element that gives the entire experience an even more unique flavor. A chance to learn about the culture of a people who build their homes out of straw and dance to frighten wild animals away from their villages is presented by visiting various Tharu ethnic groups.

Staying at the Taj Hotels in the middle of the national park is a necessity to make the experience even more interesting. The hotel’s impeccable service and knowledgeable guides are benefits for visitors.

Along with many other shocks, Nepal will reveal itself to those who know their fate on the spot. Do you desire to journey?

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