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Here comes the king of the jungle, reigning majestically in the heart of Samburu National Reserve, Kenya.

This tour is designed to exceed a passionate photographers wildest dreams, this multiple location safari not only takes you to some of the top wildlife reserves in Africa, but you will also have an exclusive up-close, on foot elephant encounter, intimate tribal experiences not offered with a regular village visit, private talks from several top researchers during mid-day breaks, luxury accommodations, charter flights, and off-road driving for the ultimate photographic freedom.

Beach Resort, she enjoyed the view from the penthouse. Searching for a place for your honeymoon this is the ideal place. All inclusive and a great service.

A family of elephants feeding gracefully in the mighty Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya.

I awoke from my tent facing Mount Kilimanjaro in the morning, unwinding in the lounge while taking in the sounds of the birds, and experiencing numerous sunrises at night. Soon, this might be your situation! Why not contact us https://wa.me/2348038691654 to plan an amazing expeditions with your loved ones.

Only Kenya can offer this life enriching, over the top, authentic African Safari experience that will go far beyond the extraordinary photographs captured.

The best escape anyone can have.

Rothschild Giraffe Center, Kenya, is a place with a unique experience where visitors come up close and face-to-face with the towering crews of endangered Rothschild’s Giraffes.

Visitors are allowed to touch and feed the Giraffes from raised elevations. Arrange with Ultimate Wild Safaris for this wonderful experience.

The Masai Mara always delivers phenomenal sightings. Real wildlife, raw nature, life changing moments.

About 15,000 Maasai men from Kenya and neighboring Tanzania congregated in Maparasha Hills on Wednesday in a once in a decade ceremony that converts them from warriors to elders.

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We look forward to changing the way you see the Masai Mara.

Explore beautiful places and have great experience travelling with our team.

A unique experience that’s perfect for nature-lovers and adventure seekers

Leopards are one of the most interesting big cats of Africa.

Join us today for amazing safaris in Kenya and Tanzania to search for leopards.

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