Are you a moon watcher? Civilizations put the illuminated star reflected by the Sun as something special in nature not for sure. There’s something special happening when it’s a full moon night and we invite you to feel this atmosphere in northern Argentina.

One of the finest possibilities for places, like the prestigious Pristine Luxury Camps, is to stay there during our two special departures that we are still offering this year in Jujuy and Salta.

It is possible to stay in a luxurious camp that is blended with the distinctive desert environment in the center of the Argentine salt desert. Have you thought about having a chef prepare your meal outside beneath the stars? Being alone and experiencing the grandeur of the universe is an awesome experience.

Details of nature to be examined are present everywhere, from the white salt desert to the vibrant Jujuy highlands. The vitality of the residents, always welcoming and demonstrating to visitors how Inca culture still characterizes that region, is as lovely as the scenery themselves.

Get to know a different place from Argentina next to our experts.

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