A new accommodation option that is a true experience is now available for your first bookings. Meet El Calafate and the whole Perito Moreno region in Argentina, in style by being one of the first guests of Pristine Camps El Calafate.

The opulent camping area, which was just constructed this year, provides rooms with magnificent views of the Perito Moreno Glacier, the area surrounding Lake Roca, and all the other wonders of this perpetually beautiful Argentine winter.

When building, sustainability was taken into account. All tents are constructed of environmentally friendly materials in an effort to have the least possible negative environmental effects.

Everything is prepared by the hosts to ensure a perfect stay. Travelers are escorted by knowledgeable, experienced guides on horseback rides, gazing tours, stargazing excursions, and of course, short glacier hikes.

Patagonian cuisine is also one of those different: it combines harmony between elegance, trademark Pristine Camps, with the touch of Argentinian nature and culture.

Be among the first to experience this and learn about a side of Patagonia with a breathtaking vista.

Plan your vacation by talking to our specialists https://wa.me/2348038691654

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