Intense would be the term I would use to sum up the trip to the Salar de Uyuni.

Not just for the white color fading from sight, the mirror the flooded salt desert offers, uniting heaven and earth, or the shifting topography as we travel the Highlands. It’s for the rush of experiencing nature at its most primitive, yet most welcoming.

We traveled around Bolivia in a private 4×4 in search of magnificent scenery and discovered a different way of life. We’ll witness in Summer lodging whether it’s the stops in communities demonstrating a humble living or the structures made of salt bricks.

The salt desert is a must-have location for amusing pranks when capturing perspective pictures because it is opulent and imposing. Unique photographs that can only be captured in a harsh environment like this are made possible by the size of the white salt field.

Another welcome surprise awaits along the route, emerging out of the desert. Curiosity-sparking Water Eyes are small water fountains that appear out of thin air. Later, we made a pit stop at Fish Island, a tiny location where enormous cacti had emerged in the salt desert.

Many vibrant, colorful, and intense lagoons are halted for pictures and reflection. We discovered Lost Italy on the route to the Catal and Vinto Lakes. reddish rock forest, but the lagoons are the real stars of the show. The vivid hue mimics the scene around you, including the boulders and eerie foliage.

Who knows a photo of the well-known colorful flamingos in Laguna Colorada, Caapa, and Hedionda? With the Llicancahur volcano as a backdrop, Laguna Verde makes for stunning photographs. We cordially offer you to unwind in the over 35″ thermal waters of Laguna Chalviri’s outdoor spa.

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