Why visit Kenya? Traveling to this small nation on the African continent is always a good decision, whether it’s due to the cultural diversity found in the tribes or the high concentration of animals living in their natural habitat.

The annual huge wildlife migration from the Masai Mara Reserve to the Serengeti takes place here, and you may easily find the Big Five there as well. It’s a spectacle to simply be there and experience the awesomeness of animals.

Another reserve that draws a lot of attention from travelers for its closeness with animals is Amboseli National Park. The place has its uniqueness marked by its proximity to Mt. Kilimanjaro, which drains its underground waters there and offers a rich diversity of wildlife.

In Kenya’s largest lake, Naivasha, you can see hundreds of animals, such as hippos and antelopes, living side by side. Meanwhile in Lake Nakuru has a completely landscape taken by its high population of flamingos and baboons.

We move from areas with abundant water to the parched Samburu National Reserve, where the hedge dominates the vegetation. The rarest antelopes, however, like to congregate in this environment, constantly close to water sources that are as uncommon as they are.

The history of Kenya is further marked by the people of the fed-up smile. The Samburu tribe in the northern region is responsible for maintaining centuries-old civilizations and reinforcing their centuries-old presence with beaded necklaces, vibrant vests, and fighting gear.

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