With its lunar landscapes, strange life forms and extraterrestrial colors, the Atacama Desert, South America’s oldest, high and driest, is the closest one is going to stepping on another planet. And as it couldn’t be any other way, it’s also one of the best places in the world for astronomical observation and star in Chile of sustainable tourism.

The vast and empty Atacama, from 1,600 km north to south, and from west of the Pacific coast to east to the foothills of the Andes, is a desert with acute solitude.

There is always something fresh to discover when visiting Atacama. A fresh perspective on the local fauna, an innovative use of the deep-toned water features in the ponds, and an alternative approach to the immensity of galaxies in the starry sky.

Relaxed luxury meets mid-desert accommodations at Nayaraalto Atacama. Wildlife abounds. Travelers who like to ensure that their destination is well-preserved and presents a fresh perspective on each visit might consider this fashionable alternative.

Everything was intended to have a positive influence on the area and has already won over a number of hearts. The rugged terrain is well-suited to design that both values and respects the desert’s natural contours and local community efforts. Because of the hotel’s beneficial social impact, the Chilean government has previously awarded it the S sustainability prize.

Traveling with consideration for the environment is usually more enjoyable, but it is made much more enjoyable when one realizes that the knowledge and enjoyment gained will benefit the local population.

Whether it’s in the calm of the desert during a long weekend, an adventurous trip, or, who knows, the start of a new year. Families, couples, and lone visitors will find Atacama to be the perfect location as long as they are accompanied by a structure and attentive guidance from our travel specialists.

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