How about a new year in a whole other culture? We have a jam-packed schedule for our time in Morocco on New Year’s Eve. There is room for culture, breathtaking natural scenery, delicious food, and, of course, the magnificent architecture of the region.

Today, we shoot pictures around the biggest walls in the nation at Bab Mansour, Morocco’s most stunning gate, which has served as the entrance to the city of Meknés since the 18th century.

We will visit mosques, souks, bazaars, and many more Moroccan cultural landmarks.

One of the highlights of the journey is getting to see the renowned Kasbah Ait-Ben-Haddou. The one we saw, which has already been designated a UNESCO Historical Heritage Site, is the most spectacular of all the kasbahs that traditionally make up a ksar.

The materials used to construct the fortified Berber homes are adobe brick, stump, and hay. The ksar became a growing family lego as a result of the entire custom, which caused it to expand along with the family’s number.

Here, diversity was not spared by nature. The Throats of Todra, which are gorges more than 300 meters high surrounded by cliffs, creeks, and limestone outcroppings, demonstrate how formidable they may be in a different location.

This location could not escape the desert. Sunrise on the Merzouga dunes requires an early morning start. Get ready to witness the unbelievable.

The challenge in Marrakesh is to take in the city’s architectural wonders while also getting lost in the labyrinthine souks. You can observe the ancient way of life and further fall in love with the hospitable locals in our southern jewel, the second-oldest imperial city in the world.

Reserve a seat for a memorable year turn.


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