Namibia is a place where the outdoors are always the main draw. The private vehicle pulls up in locations that are so unique they resemble authentic works of nature art.

We set out on an itinerary that takes us through the contemplation of nature in all its forms, along with an uncommon culture rooted deeply in the land’s ancestors.

Since most of the locals still adhere to their tribal customs, it is possible to experience life as it was in the past in the present.

The world’s largest natural reserve, the Namibian desert, is located there. Witnessing the confluence of the sea and the desert—the only place on Earth with such a magnificent scenery—makes it hard not to feel ecstatic.

Another postcard is located in the Sossuvlei area, a unique desert location home to trees that are over a millennium old. Fully dry and covered in white clay, they stand out against the deep crimson of the dunes.

A sizable portion of Etosha National Park is home to green, making it the perfect place to see the amazing BIG 5 up close in addition to a number of other savannah-dwelling creatures.

It takes organization and planning to understand natural reserves. There are a lot of kilometers to cover and experience is needed, which our local partners possess in spades. There’s no way to avoid having an unforgettable time when traveling with Danza.

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