We’re heading to the northern region of Argentina, so pack your luggage and get ready. Due to wind erosion, the environment there is continually changing while still retaining the natural feel and the ambiance of the colorful valleys and mountains.

One of the most famous roads in the world, Route 68, is included in the journey. It is known for its stunning natural scenery, including the picturesque Quebrada de Las Conchas.

From earth to green, a stop at the wineries in Cafayate warm the palate at one of the world’s best places to enjoy a drink. The experience is complete with a visit and tasting at the oldest winery in Argentina.

The drive continues through quaint villages with plenty of locally made crafts to admire and a must-see site. A classic Andean scenery, with tones of red and orange mixing amongst the curves unintentionally produced by the movement of the tectonic plates.

The Humahuaca Break’s arid environment and leisurely pace demonstrate how nature is unhurried and creates its wonders slowly. The visit to Cerro de Las Seven Colors is concluded with this emotion: serenity, tranquility, and reflection on recent activities.

The force of nature is ubiquitous throughout northern Argentina. If in Bolivia the Salar do Uyuni is a mandatory stop, here the salt desert is in the Great Salinas, a white enormity that has a difference: staying at Pristine Camps, an intimate chain of domes immersed in the desert.

It is unforgettable to spend the night in the middle of the salt desert and taste a good wine from Bodega Colomé in a moment of contemplation.

Bring along who will live this authentic experience by your side and guarantee your spot with our experts.


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