This work will make sense to you if you ever lived in a rural location while growing up.

Something goes beyond what is visible. It is either the memory of those palm thongs slicing into your palm while you were picking, or the fact that some of us went to sell after picking.

In one image, the inhabitants’ culture and way of life are also depicted.

In Nigeria, palm fruits are a crucial product. We obtain the red from there.

Palm kernel seed known as akwu in Igbo language. This can be used in making Igbo delicacies like ofe akwu, ofe onugbu, ofe oha. Even our Delta brethen use it in making banga soup.

There are different types of Palm kernel but the best is akwu ojukwu/nsukwo.

It goes beyond only providing our food a distinctive flavor. It also has therapeutic advantages. Packed in nutrients, palm kernels aid in enhancing our vision. Its principles cannot be underlined enough.

The primary source of household palm oil that we use in each of our houses is palm fruit.

The process of processing palm oil involves several phases and might be difficult. Women are regarded as capable managers. Thus they own and run the majority of the palm oil processing facilities.

Every step is crucial. Each outcome is beneficial. Moreover, final results are not always the goal.

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