Familiar destinations take on a new air with a stay full of personality. The difference in traveling with Danza Travels & Tours encompasses not only the planning of the entire itinerary, but also the selection of the most special places.

Atacama is one of the destinations we know best on the spot to always provide the best and most authentic experience to our travelers. Among some of the secrets to an unmissable stay, we’ve selected two options that take the integration of the desert nature environment to a level of excellence.

An option for those who have a question of leaving a positive impact on destiny: they have already won the S prize for sustainability from the Chilean government for their work in the local community.

Every detail is thought into the commitment to local nature and luxury in the right measure, for perfect comfort after a day of strolling in rustic landscapes.

That ideal location for anyone looking to spend some quiet time in nature. Stephanie Okoye, one of our Danza passengers, was taken aback by the unique service that treats visitors like guests in their own home once she returned from the trip.

Your experience is described as “Tierra de Atacama is delicious, first service, excellent guides, and of course, the place is a show.”

Along with the exquisite individual lodgings, there are also walks where you may expend all your energy outside and discover the intricacies of nature. “We returned refreshed in body and spirit but not as much in soul. We rode our bikes on several trails. Out of 10, that excursion was very fantastic,” he said.

Live unique moments at the best spots in the Atacama. Plan your trip with Danza Travels & Tours.

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