Bhutan is a unique location—a Himalayan country full of tales and legends where the ancient Buddhist way of life warily embraces the advancements of globalization.

Whether you spot takin or blue poppies, hike at 5000 meters or walk the hills among flowering rhododendrons, Bhutan will offer you one of the last unspoiled remnants of the Himalayas.

In the gallery: Punakha Dzong bridge, golden statues of Thimphu deities, rice harvesting, traditional dance in Mongar district, yak, young monks, Taktsang monastery, Dagala Thousand Lakes trek, beautiful valley near Punakha and Snowman trek.

Six Senses Buhtan – An evening by the river

Bhutan is the one of the Vajrayana Buddhist country worldwide, and also the profound mentors of this custom remain well preserved and exert a solid influence in all aspects of life. Because its pristine environment and harmonious society, the tiny Kingdom of Bhutan has actually been called “The Last Shangrila.”

Book Bhutan Tour Packages to see what Bhutan makes the happiest country on the planet. Riven with folktales of its monasteries, fortresses and dramatic landscapes ranging from steep mountains to subtropical valleys, the Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan sits amidst the eastern Himalayas.

It is deemed ‘the Happiest Country’ in the World. Bhutan’s vibrant culture, festivals and enigmatic peaks attract over 200 thousand visitors annually. Put Bhutan on your list of leisure and ecotourism.

To know Bhutan is to encounter nature amidst an impressive strong cultural presence.

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