Pulsante, the history of Latin America is striking not only for its tenacity and cultural diversity but also for the scenery that envelops towns full of welcoming locals who are always willing to share their tales with outsiders.

Peru is a place where history is preserved in archaeological sites, where the Andean people smile, and where different memories are scattered throughout the region, making it ideal for encountering nature and developing a unique relationship with the Sacred.

The Andes welcome you with their uniqueness and provide the ideal setting for reawakening your sense of Latin American identity.

Our unique small-group excursion in early August transports you from the pre-Incan culture of Trujillo and the mysteries of Nazca to the stunning Island of Uros, where an incredible indigenous community lives on floating lines over Lake Titicaca.

Our special small group outing takes you on a journey from the mysteries of Nazca, pre-Incan culture in Trujillo, to the beauty of the Island of Uros, a place where an astonishing indigenous community lives on floating lines over Lake Titicaca.

Discover individuals who uphold historical customs and become enamored with every aspect of Peruvian villages with our comprehensive guidance. Everything you need to feel the Andean intensity is in our script.

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