The people you travel with are an integral part of any enjoyable trip. Every itinerary is unique when traveling with friends, family, or as a couple. For every kind of business, Costa Rica offers a unique travel experience, which is what makes it such an authentic destination.

The tiny nation is incredibly well-preserved and serves as an outdoor biology classroom for parents taking their small children on a special outing. In the middle of nature, pools invite romantic moments shared by couples.

The Arenal Volcano National Park area is home to some of the world’s ten most active hiking trails, making it an ideal destination for groups of friends traveling together!

It is in this area that travelers have three options from which to choose our recommended lodging. While there are many fantastic locations in the @nayararesorts network at the base of the volcano, today we’re focusing on Tented Camp in Arenal.

The five-star hotel provides a safari experience in the middle of a rainforest that has been revitalized by tourism and stringent regulations supporting environmental preservation.

In addition to the charm of glamping with its sustainable and luxurious tents, travelers enjoy hot springs with panoramic views of the richest flora and fauna in Costa Rica.

For those who have the time to prolong their journey, Panama is a fantastic destination option, as are the Caribbean and Pacific Seas. The luxurious haven of @nayarabocasdeltoro, which was constructed as a nod to regional culture and as a charming retreat in tune with the natural world, carries over the immersive forest experience into your treehouses.

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