Being in touch with populations that lead simple lives can change the way you view the world because of how intense urban life can be.

This is due to the fact that these locations offer us the chance to reconnect with our true selves and fully appreciate the one thing that is essential to our existence: nature.

This year, we will organize unique excursions for our visitors to Alter do Cho, a small region of Brazil that is the birthplace of magnificent icons of nature, during the last week of every month.

Let’s explore this forest-surrounded location with vibrant water at a unique period of the month, the Full Moon. Contemplation triumphs as the sunset becomes even more powerful with the moon’s brilliance in the sky.

Rediscovering the sight involves traveling via the three main rivers, the Amazon, Tapajós, and Arapiuns. In Alter do Cho, the jungle appears out of nowhere and you come across a sloth, alligators, and birds.

Travelers understand the power and significance of taking a few days off by hugging some of the century-old trees or by simply relaxing in a little body of clean water.

Join us and experience the ferocity of nature. With one of our professionals, reserve your spot.


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