A ski center at the foot of the Lonquimay volcano and with great options for those who love the sport to enjoy in our neighbor, Chile. Corralco is within the Malalcahuello National Reserve and welcomes beginner, specialist, intermediate and advanced skiers.

Surrounded by mountains, waterfalls, lakes, and arauca fields, the station’s own nature reserve offers an abundance of opportunities for solo, group, or family enjoyment in outdoor sports.

Travelers can choose from 29 tracks, with an average of 7m of snow accumulated per year. Tracks that have received even big competitions, such as the Olympic teams of the US, Canada and several others from the Northern Hemisphere who always take advantage of the Chilean snow season to practice before competitions.

An ideal stay at Corralco includes a private view of one of Chile’s largest postcards, as if that weren’t enticing enough. The resort’s whole architecture is centered around sustainability and giving back to the community, all the while providing guests with understated luxury. While cinema and spa services are excellent choices for relaxing after a long day of sports, gastronomy places a high value on Chilean culture.

And there is a special condition for those who want to schedule to enjoy the snow in advance. Make your early bookings.

Speak with our travel specialists and make use of time-limited coupons for incredible snow experiences.

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