The planet’s data indicate that it is becoming more and more necessary to consider living in a way that respects the environment. For individuals who are fervent about a harmonious coexistence of humans and environment, a vacation to the Pantanal is an ideal means of reinforcement, as it allows one to deeply feel the equilibrium of a more basic way of life.

The Pantanal, which lies between Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul, offers a variety of opportunities for engaging with animals and several tales of individuals working to protect the environment. That being said, which state ought you to visit?

It’s worth the trek to see both of these areas. For those who would rather travel to a place where swamp culture is expressed through traditional dances, the Northern Pantanal offers more attractions. Additionally, it’s a great place for birdwatchers to lounge.

Travelers can interact closely with abundant wildlife, diverse flora, and startling fauna in both places.

We offer the ideal route map to help you explore the Amolar Mountains in the Grosso Bush if you want to view Painted Ovens. The experiences in the two states are distinct.

For guests looking to unwind after a busy day, both states include wonderful farm hotels that preserve the environment.

The premier destination in Mato Grosso do Sul is the genuine Fazenda Barra Mansa, which enjoys a prime position in the center of the Pantanal and provides native guides to enhance each group’s tour with anecdotes and mysteries.

Guests visiting Araras Eco Lodge in Pantanal do Mato Grosso will not be disappointed. Cozy, the setting unites cultures and generations, allowing the observation of nature and the voyage of experience to merge seamlessly. Amazing event for the entire family.

In the Pantanal, regional rustic style is prevalent everywhere. Have you ever pondered what the ideal way is to enjoy specific moments in a particular biome?

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