The summertime adds a special beauty to the landscape of Switzerland. Search no more for a picturesque scenery and unique experiences, the beautiful country of Switzerland has that and more.

The country holds nature in the highest regard as a national heritage; after all, it is home to verdant mountains, glistening lakes, the renowned Swiss Alps, and a host of other natural wonders that offer visitors who appreciate experiences like hiking through snow-capped peaks and breathing in the crisp mountain air.

The Swiss also value their culture very much. Always alive and pulsating, it is as well guarded as nature, seen as a local treasure. It could be the extremely noble chocolate, the panoramic train rides or the forests that seem to be enchanted, everything in Switzerland is magical and surprising.

Lucerne is one of the main places to connect with the culture and intensity of the destination’s beauty. In this medieval city there is no shortage of small details to be noticed as you walk through the picturesque streets.

Breathtaking landscapes at Lake of the Four Cantons or Capela dos Ossos, all of our stops are designed to make sure you enjoy the best of the destination.

Secure your spot on this special trip and embark on a spectacular journey.

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