The Amazonas and Tapajós Rivers converge, but they do not mix, for kilometers, separating the clearest and darkest waters in the Amazonian Caribbean.

Every day of the script is spent in Alter do Chão which is quaint and comfortable like a Sunday afternoon at Grandma’s house. These are small homes dispersed throughout the Ribeirinha neighborhood, which stands out for its craftsmanship and openness. The travelers’ clock has slowed down over there, by that small area.

Let’s make the most of the aurora and sunset viewing opportunities each day by embarking on a river expedition. This will support riverine communities, encourage the preservation of forests, and unite people who share a passion for the natural world.

Alter do Chão turns magical during the flood season. It’s time to visit the enchanted forest, which is now submerged under water with flooded vegetation; all you need to do is paddle a canoe to get there. It’s the ideal time of year to get in touch with the area’s distinctive natural beauty.

Which of the two time frames is ideal for visiting the Caribbean region of Amazonia? Both of them! Every one of them has a distinct charm and a totally changed landscape, so the travel experience varies depending on the season. We provide year-round regular trips so you can experience Floor Alter at its finest.

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