The country has an active volcano, the Arenal, which has around it safe activities to speed the heart and win memories. And our accommodation suggestion is within the area of Arenal Volcano National Park.

The Nayara network has different resort options, each in its style, perfect to accommodate families of all profiles. At Nayara Gardens, the bungalows immersed in the forest are perfect for kids to enjoy their showers on the balcony.

The country’s Arenal volcano, which is now active, is surrounded by safe activities that can quicken the heart and create lasting memories. Additionally, we recommend staying near Arenal Volcano National Park.

Families of all types can be accommodated by the variety of resort options available through the Nayara network. The bungalows at Nayara Gardens that are completely surrounded by woodland are ideal for children to take their showers on the balcony.

How about camping with all the sophistication in the middle of the forest? Nayara Tented Camp offers stylish tents and private thermal pools for relaxing in.

The entire infrastructure of the network is impeccable, bringing elegance but without leaving aside the rustic essence of Costa Rica. To experience emotions, activities such as horse riding, arboriculture, cycling and rafting are unmissable.

Select a date for boarding and bring your entire family for unforgettable adventures.

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