Consider yourself in Bahia several decades ago. There are no large buildings blocking the sand, and the whole beach is deserted. These days, the Maraú Peninsula offers a similar appearance and experience.

The destination is a paradise for Bahian natural beauty. Because of the nearby coral reefs, the beaches are white sand, and the clear, blue waters are serene.

There, you can take boat rides, have a taste of a cacao redhead, see the marine life up close, and, of course, take in the iconic sunset at Ponta do Mutá.

It would all be even more memorable if you stayed at our partner, Villakandui. They are first-rate hosts who offer peace and quiet found only in the Bay along with a sandy climate. It’s a haven of positive energy to brighten your days.

Summertime is a time to unwind, enjoy the beach, and get tan.

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